Chapter Five

Hello and welcome back to another chapter of the Austin Family Legacy!

We start this update with breakfast on the couch 🙂

With the extra money coming in, I gave the house an upstairs and changed up the downstairs layout.

And here is proof that Chaz has maxed out the painting skill 🙂

We got a weight machine! Chaz does not seem happy.

Rowan does not look happy about flash cards!

Marie greets her friend, who’s name I keep forgetting to write down.

Bo is still around, always pursuing love and attention.

Marie completed her aspiration and then I gave her successful lineage.

This right here is so true to life. Gotta love cats!

I just loved the look Chaz was giving Marie when she woke up. These two just love each other so much!

Just working on those toddler skills!

Chaz received a promotion!!

I always love watching this animation. This is how I bake cakes at home too! lol

Kathy has her teen birthday and she is beautiful! She rolled goofball as her teen trait and Musical Genius as her aspiration. With that aspiration she received the Muser trait and she also has the Happy Toddler and Physically Gifted traits.

I bought her a guitar and got her started learning her skills.

I just love toddler baths!

She’s so pretty, even when I catch her eating.

Jeremy was invited to skip school. I usually ignore these, but I was like, well let me check this out… A pub for kids??

Luckily I noticed the ice skating rink. That’s more kid friendly!

Jeremy and his friend had a great time 🙂

When Jeremy got home, he completed his childhood aspiration! Now he gets to do whatever he wants.

Just normal family life happening here.

Marie came home during a blizzard and received a promotion!

The rest of the day is spent skilling, bonding with family and homework 🙂

The next morning, Marie maxes her cooking skill with a hamburger cake.

Yup, it’s Rowan’s child birthday! Woo-Hoo! No more toddlers!

And yup, I did not take a photo…lol He rolled the Self Assured trait and as you can probably guess… Rambunctious Scamp.

And I created a teens only group, so they can do homework and maybe meet a future spouse!

Travis invited Chaz over and I said sure. Unfortunately it was spent listening to meowing cats that had kitty litter thought bubbles over their heads. After Chaz went home, I went into buy mode and bought them some pet supplies. Those poor sweet kitties don’t have to pee on the floor anymore!

Back at the home front it’s Bobby’s birthday! They all ate first cause everyone was starving!

Bobby received the creative trait and Joke Star aspiration. He received Gregarious for a bonus trait and from childhood received, Happy Toddler and Creatively Gifted.

We’ll end this update with a family trip to a bowling alley to celebrate Bobby’s birthday. Thanks for reading!

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