Chapter Thirty-Two

Hello, and welcome back to another update on the Austin family legacy! I am on a roll, lol

We start we the kind of twins’ birthdays!

Chase wants to be a galactic privateer, which is cool because even though I have the star wars pack, I’ve never played it. He gained bookworm to go with his love of the outdoors.

Beckett is trying his hand at the final teen aspiration and wants to be an admired icon. He also gained Bookworm to go with his genius trait.


Tiffani is at the point where she needs to ask a sim on a date five times.

Pearl is still trying to get the romance bar high enough to mess around on a ride.

Kyle is still around, fulfilling his wants.

Finally! The T-pose challenge is completed, so I can stop following them to school.

While at school with the teens, Cali came home with her last promotion and completed her aspiration!

The next day Mitchell grows up!

He wants to live the beach life and added cat lover to his loner trait.

It’s love day. I got rid of the date portion because it becomes a burden when you have a whole house of date-age sims. I wanted to ensure Kyle had a good holiday, so I sent him to the park to find a single lady to flirt with and give a gift.

The first thing he does when he gets home is to relax in the pool. Guess that was too much for him.

Just a snippet of the rest of my sims completing the love day tasks.

Pearl’s love interest aged up, so she set her eyes on this guy and had a much easier time. That part of her aspiration is complete!

So it was the weekend, and I sent Chase to work on the first tier of his aspiration.

Back at the home front and Hillary and Cali are still very much in love!

Beckett works on his aspiration, making outfits and hosting a party.

Pearl had to break up with someone, so I’m sorry, Julien. I have played the Sims forever and always make happy couples, so this was new.

Pearl then joins cheerleading and begins to practice. And with that, this week is done!

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