Chapter One

Hello everyone and welcome to my new legacy challenge. I’ve taken a long break from playing and have finally returned and I really want to complete one of these. As you can see, the beautiful knight has been purchased and after this photo was taken I put it in the family inventory. I am actually using one of the many simselfs that I have created to complete this, because why not! 😀 I can’t go anywhere right now so I guess I’ll live through my sims!

And here I am. ( I don’t have red hair in real life, I have dark brown, but I typically dye it red.) I’ll be randomizing my heirs except for the first one. I always keep having kids until I have 2 sons because that’s what I have in real life. I will be asking my boys which one wants to continue the legacy, but after them, I will use a generator or heir poll to determine the heir/heiress. I also do this as mostly observational, so I hope everyone enjoys it!

So we start this legacy up with some lovely reading because that’s what is needed for a job in writing… Makes sense to me 🙂

Then we get started on her aspiration and write a children’s book. I also love how sims will randomly start conversations with people while doing their tasks.

I think this picture is adorable. I sent Marie to the bar to hopefully meet some single guys or at least make a friend. (Also, very weird to say my name like that lol)

When her needs were getting low, I sent her home and I made sure to self publish her book before bed.

Don’t you just love starting out with no walls and the cheapest household objects? Also… why am I so messy?

Haha, I so love the faces sims pull! This is her “I got promoted face”

So as a reward for getting a promotion, I had her invite the two guys that she met last night who were still single over. Salim & Chaz. She kept rolling up whims for Salim, I guess that is who she will be paired with…

Just kidding, it will be Chaz. It would have been Salim if MCCC hadn’t married him overnight 😀

She seemed happy enough because their relationship grew really fast. They went from acquaintances to boyfriend/girlfriend all before the day ended.

I then had her write books for the rest of the night and she ended up have a dangerous conversation with a random visitor 🙂

Can you read that moodlet? It was from eating quick meals all the time. I have never seen that one before! Interesting…

Originally the next day She married Chaz, but in reality it took a couple of days. I wasn’t paying attention when I was quitting and just hit exit, so my play session did not save. *sigh* I tried to get them married the next day like before, but couldn’t get Chaz out of his angry mood and they kept losing relationship points. So I had to wait a day, but it finally worked out for them!

So here he is 🙂 I randomized his clothes and got this outfit and thought it fit him. I found this outfit the second go around, but forgot the glasses.. Oh well. And oh boy, we get to have a big family just for him lol I was hoping I’d get lucky and just have two boys.

So Chaz was a paparazzi before joining the family and has maxed photography. (Does anyone know if that counts as a point? Or if I can use photos to memorialize them or if I should wait?) Anyways, I decided to make him a painter and have him join that career too, so here’s a shot of the easel and counter I bought them so they can eat salads and not get that uncomfortable moodlet.

So the next day, they both worked and earned some money so I let them go out for a date for love day instead of stay home. Back at the home lot they finish things with a try for baby and you can see that they now have a box to store all their electronics so the rain doesn’t break them anymore.

And you can see that they were successful and even happy about it, even though they have no paint or even a house. Sim logic

The next day Chaz was invited to the flea market by Scott, his old roommate. ( I added Chaz to their household to avoid the extra money) I was able to buy all of the snow globes in one go and completed a collection!

I came home from work very tense lol I think I may have gotten a promotion, can’t remember.

After a quick woohoo to raise my fun, I sent my simself to see if she would win an award for a book she wrote that was nominated. No luck this time. And with this picture, I end this update. Thanks for reading!

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