Chapter Two

Hello and welcome back to the Austin Family Legacy 🙂 Let’s get this party started!

Chaz and Marie return back from work in different moods lol. And doesn’t their “home” look beautiful? It gets a small upgrade with the money they made.

And now everything is inside. Not enough money to purchase lights for every room.

And even though they always complain about the dirty dishes, they still place them on the counter instead of washing them.

And please welcome our first born child to the family. We got a daughter and I randomized her name. She is Kathy 🙂

And because I’m a glutton for punishment, I have them try for baby the next day after work. Normally it’s just a woohoo to raise their fun, but not this time 😀

And while they did that, Travis Scott’s wife walked right into their house without an invite and mopped their floor. Thanks!

And we have success! Chaz wasn’t so thrilled though. I like to think he’s over here thinking “Why is this happening? We don’t have paint or floors, how can we afford another kid”

She doesn’t seemed thrilled to be publishing books during a thunder storm, haha.

And here is Kathy all grown up. She is so freaking adorable! She rolled the Charmer trait and got her dad’s hair and eye color.

Marie comes home from work with a promotion and looks thrilled about it.

And with the extra money, the house gets another update. There are lights in every room and they now have two bedrooms and two bathrooms! Just to let you guys know, I stink at building, so all of my houses are just boxes inside of a box LOL

Salim comes over and I really think he regrets getting married to someone else. He calls her every day. I think the only one that talked to him was Kathy. Chaz was probably painting to get us more money and I’m pretty sure Marie was taking a nap.

Chaz gets toddler duty since Marie is busy taking care of herself.

Another day and promotions for all. Marie is very upset that I apparently suck at taking care of her without cheats LMAO. Chaz is happy as usual 😀

As you can see, we finally have floors and paint! Plus, adorable toddler alert!

Baby time! And we have a boy! Please welcome Bobby to the family 🙂 He is named after my real life oldest son. (Who by the way is 18 and just finished his last day of school!)

Marie and Chaz enjoy a date night since it’s night out on the town and food is free!

They end their night with a… try for baby! I like having my kids close in age and I do love a challenge 🙂

And you can see how well I take care of Marie… Pregnancy really drops her needs and I always choose food/bathroom/sleep over showering. The third baby is on the way! This may or may not be their last, but from now on I’ll only have them try if they both have the wish.

The next day brings adorable toddlers and a screaming baby. He cried all the time…

This picture is to show you that yes, he’s sleeping in the bathroom. I didn’t want anyone’s sleep to be disturbed.

I just love the toddlers in this game! They are just so cute!

And Bobby grows up! And OMG you guys! I don’t have to change his hair color in CAS! In real life he has red hair and blue eyes and I couldn’t be happier to see that the game gave him the proper color!

And here he is after his makeover. I gave him curly hair cause my son has curly hair and he’s dressed in purple cause, you probably guessed it, his favorite color is purple! He also rolled Charmer as his toddler trait.

And we’ll end this update with Chaz working on his aspiration and job 🙂 I hope you enjoyed it! Until next time 🙂 I decided not to frame these photos and I think I like it much better. What do you guys think?

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