Chapter Thirty-Three

And another chapter! After this, I only have one more update to edit and write before I get caught up! I hate editing photos, so I choose to play instead of editing…lol.

Monday rolled around, and Cali wanted to chat with Tiffani.

Later on, Hillary comes home with a promotion!

Pearl needs to hate her rival lol This guy is Santos Austin… he is Kyle’s nephew.

And let me tell you, it took forever for her to fight him; it was almost midnight, lol. She completed her aspiration and is mortified about it! Haha, I then had to go and tell everyone to get some sleep because when left to their own devices, they stay up super late!

The next day, everyone decides to hang around the pool.

I figured that Chase needed a future spouse, so I made a future spouse club and added any girls with blonde or brown hair so we could hopefully have a different hair color in this family.

The only brunette is out, though, because he has bad compatibility with her.

Hillary has a fear of ghosts… a few of my sims do. She wanted to fight one, and her grandmother was the only one out that night.

The next day was a holiday I made to celebrate the start of summer.

Unfortunately, it started to storm. Luckily they all got the water play task complete.

I mean, come on… look at the weather!

Then I watched them eat, and I saw lightning strike the pool and Aubrey go underwater. I thought she had been hit!

Ok, I think I will be getting rid of the drink task… they have to drink so much to complete it, lol.

My sims are always showing off photos and pranking each other.

Elaine won out, he had a crush on her and good compatibility, so she is now his girlfriend!

Tiffani is now a young adult and wants to be a good vampire. She gained Adventurous and a lot of other traits that I did not look at before moving her out.

Here’s her spare photo.

Ummm really?? He was a bodybuilder and an extreme sports enthusiast. How does this make sense?


So Chase popped this moodlet…

Elaine invited him on a date before I could figure out who it was. She left after this, though.

So there was a cheerleading competition, so I thought that would be cool, but there was no actual competition. Was that a bug?

Ghost dogs are fun, lol.

Chase woke up in the middle of the night and wanted to fight a ghost.

He then wanted to chat with Elaine, so he invited her as soon as possible.

Tiffani showed up and was given a key.

Nash, Kyle’s only son, came over to give a gift, and this lady just rode her bike through our house!

Ah…Chase is resentful of his sister Pearl.

Kyle is obsessed with the bar.

Mitchell must have napped instead of slept to be awake now,

It is two am, and these three kids are all awake… hurry up and eat so you can go to bed. I’ve been letting them run on autopilot, and they all make bad choices.

But they get to meet the resident ghosts…so I guess that’s a win? Until next time!

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