Chapter Three

Hello and welcome back to another update!

We start the week with Marie making breakfast in her underwear.

Cute toddler spam 😀 These guys are so adorable!

And look! We finally have a nursery, so future babies don’t have to sleep in the bathroom!

While Marie is at work, Chaz works on painting and spending time with his adorable children. I just love watching what the toddlers get up to! I’m not really sure why Kathy was angry, but angry toddlers just make me go awww.

Marie comes home from work with a promotion and immediately changes clothes and takes a nap.

Toddler bath time picture just because 🙂 Chaz is a great dad!

Marie comes in to chat with Chaz. I have no idea what he said to her though. I checked to see if he was gossiping or telling a joke, but all it said was “chat”

Marie then goes and works on her logic since she’s hit the author branch of the writing career and for some reasons needs logic.

Later that night Marie gives birth to their second son. Please welcome Jeremy to the family. He is named for my youngest son 🙂 Now that Marie has her two boys, her and Chaz will only try for baby if both of them roll the wish at the same time.

These two love each other very much. Even while they both work on their skills for their jobs, they chat. Chaz also likes to throw out flirts as well.

This photo is to show that Kathy reached potty level 3 and as you can see has at least 3 skill points for each skill. I only ever go for 3 and once they reach that, let them go on free will 🙂

With the money coming in from their jobs, book royalties and paintings, I was able to add siding to the house and add on some more rooms. I couldn’t add furniture, paint or lights though. As you can see, there is now 4 bedrooms and eventually 4 bathrooms.

These two.. Just fulfilling some wishes to chat and kiss 🙂

And cute toddlers eating breakfast together! (Those three pictures are there because Chaz swiped all of them from work)

And Jeremy grows up adorable! He got red hair and blue eyes, but I change up his hair to match his real-life namesake. So here he is, looking adorable! He rolled inquisitive as his toddler trait.

And here is Kathy all grown up! I kept the hair she grew up with cause it looked cute on her, but changed her clothes. She’s so cute! She rolled bookworm as her trait and wants to be a rambunctious scamp.

Later on, Marie comes home with a promotion and Kathy was really excited to see her mom. I have never seen a kid do that and I thought it was sweet.

So, yeah… They both rolled the wish, so a new baby is on the way.

And just to show you, I have taken photos of Marie and Chaz and put out the completed snow globe collection.

And this is how the family celebrated Harvestfest. I removed the gnomes from the holiday because they annoy me. 😀

Kathy comes home from school and creates a group called “Kids Only”. I always do this to help my kids do their homework and earn their skills, all while making friends. After homework, I have her get playful and send them to the park to play on play equipment for her aspiration.

Later on, Bobby has his birthday. I give him the cat lover trait cause my son loves cats! He keeps his curls and wants to be an artistic prodigy.

We’ll end this update with a kitten! We recently lost Bobby’s in real life cat Bo that he has had for 14 years so I recreated him for my sim Bobby. Everybody welcome Bo to the family!

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