Chapter Eight

Hello and welcome back to a new update. An update where Generation Two takes over!

We start this update with Marie cooking…

And mastering the Gourmet Cooking Skill.

Jeremy gets one last romantic action with the love if his life before he grows up.

And here he is, all grown up. He adds the Perfectionist trait, along with Responsible.

The first thing he does as an adult… walk in on his dad.

Marie has now moved on to Baking.

Roman invites over the Teens Only club and I do think it’s cute how Jeremy can greet his teenage girlfriend with a kiss.

He then just chats with her to keep their relationship good.

Jeremy got a job in the military and comes home with a promotion.

This lady came over and offered to fix our broken electronics and then gave Rowan a gift.

Jeremy then uses her for a sparring partner.

Bobby invited his parents over so they went. He had recently gotten married and apparently has a lot of dogs too.

Here is his lovey wife. I love her hair! (I did not write down her name though)

Back at the home front, Tiana finally grew up and joins the family! (Sorry about the dark shots, but this day was a day without power to conserve energy.)

Once we had power again, I gave Tiana a makeover and she is lovely. I gave her the Master Chef Aspiration because she came with one of the tutorial aspirations that you need roommates for. It was the cooking one which is why I gave her what I did)

Love day is here and everyone participated 🙂

Jeremy came home with a promotion that he is happy about.

Rowan invited this lovely lady over for a date. She’s a Lothorio. I had planned for Jeremy to marry her when they were kids, but she is so much younger than Jeremy, so Rowan gets to woo her.

He snags his first kiss and has a wonderful date,

Once Tiana gets home from her job in the culinary field, her and Jeremy get to have a date too.

It ends with woohoo 😀

I get their portraits taken and add them to the wall.

The next morning I have Tiana take a pregnancy test and Jeremy follows her in.

We are indeed expecting Generation Three! I did not include a picture of her telling Jeremy because he just frowned and walked away.

And with a new life on the way, an old life leaves us 🙁

Bo was a good cat and everyone mourned him for two days.

The next day Tiana throws a dinner party because she needs it for her aspiration. She made it a family affair and invited the Austin clan and her dad.

We’ll end this update with a cute picture of everyone in their party clothes. Next time babies!!

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