Chapter Ten

Hello and welcome back to another update of the Austin Family Legacy. We are in generation two and have seen the first two babies of generation three born. Now let us continue!

We start this week with toddler training 🙂

Zoey grows up sad and “wild”. (And also very adorable!)

First order of business, learning how to potty!

Jeremy comes home with a promotion! I love the uniform!

His brother Rowan stops by for a visit and Jeremy gives him a key…(I will live to regret this)

His sister Kathy also visits, heavily pregnant 🙂

I love giving orders. Here Jeremy orders his brother to do pushups.

These two love each other very much and are always throwing out wishes to interact.

That night Kathy must have given birth! Chaz completes his LTW to have a big happy family. One day I’ll include pictures of the spares kids.

Little Raphael maxes his potty skill and now has enough skills to earn “happy toddler” He is now on free roam until he grows up.

Cute toddler spam!

I love the military interactions.

Jeremy completes his LTW and for now, I don’t give him another one.

Another day and it’s time for Raphael to grow up!

Still adorable as ever!

LOL, I love the face he made once I unpaused the game to get a better angle for his picture. He wants to be a social butterfly and received Active and Happy Toddler as his traits.

Cute toddler in a dark house…I hate power conservation day.

Raphael chose his grandmother Marie to be his BFF for his aspiration.

Clubs are a little cheaty when it comes to this aspiration. He breezed through the first step quickly and now just needs child and adult friends and to max the skill.

Another promotion for Jeremy, I don’t think he’ll top his career before Marie dies though, so he may have to take on the successful lineage LTW since he’ll have the long lived trait.

See what I mean by cheaty. Already maxed the skill because the kids only club has boosts to all the child skills.

The adults spend some time together.

And unfortunately it is time to say goodbye to our Legacy Founder. This always makes me sad 🙁

Of course she chose the small bathroom to die in. Makes it hard to take pictures. I think she was trying to clean that nasty sink. It was also at this time where I was like, what is taking death so long, so I went in search of him…

And found him downstairs in the kitchen because apparently Chaz decided to go at the same time and I had no idea so I missed it 🙁

Now he was able to come collect Marie.

Goodbye Marie and Chaz, you two will be missed!

Rowan visits and makes a cake…

And another one… I mean seriously, all he does is bakes cakes!

Tiana wanted to flirt with Jeremy, but she was too sad. Luckily there was a “try to flirt” option and it fulfilled the wish.

Jeremy then walks away, oh so very sad.

Even though everyone is super sad, we can still enjoy some cute toddler interactions!

Tiana also manages to get a promotion.

Both Tiana and Jeremy had a wish to try for baby and once they weren’t sad, I let them try since the house felt so empty… it was succesful!

Here’s a picture of Jeremy practicing giving orders.

And Marie makes an appearance!

And so does Bo 🙂 (Can you guess what she makes???? If you guessed a cake you would be correct, *sigh*) And with this I will end the update. Until next time.

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