Chapter Thirteen

Hello and welcome to the second part of today’s update. I wanted to get this all out this weekend because the kids are going to my mom’s for a week and my husband took off so we can have some much needed alone time!!

We start this week with the beginnings of becoming a vampire…not liking food.

And boom… vampire!! My first vampire!!

Tiana completes her aspiration and seems so thrilled!

Raphael really enjoys whatever she shared with him 😀

And one last adorable toddler bath until Generation Three has babies!

Maggie grows up adorable and rolls the “Dog Lover” trait, just like her mom. She also wants to be a whiz kid.

So first thing that happens is her mom reading to her.

The rest of the brood make it home, and Raphael needs to hurry and get out of the sun.

That night I remembered that Maggie needs a bedroom. So here are all the kids rooms. From left to right; Raphael, Zoey, two bathrooms, Lacie and Maggie.

Oh yes! I love it!

I also really love this 🙂 She does it all on her own, I think she really enjoys doing it 😀

LOL, I love when they are first starting to work out!

I decided that all the kids will have a blonde future spouse. This one is the closest in age to Raphael. The other blonde girl he knew already grew up. She is unique looking, which I love.

First kisses and boyfriend/girlfriend status achieved!

This is Zoey’s future man, he’s adorable!

Really guys, this is where you choose to hangout?

He was playing hard to get so Zoey had to invite him over again. We managed to achieve first kisses and boyfriend/girlfriend status though!

The flea market came to town and we spy Kathy playing the guitar and some MySim statues! Score!

Raphael is at the point where he needs to get permission to drink from two sims. He’s asking his sister here and she said no. So did his dad and mom…geez

And we’ll end this update with a shot of Tiana heading to work in a blizzard. I’m going to be putting up an heir poll over at boolprop. I also pre-rolled for everyone so you can see what we’ll be working with!

Head on over to to place your vote on who will carry on the Legacy.

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