Chapter Fifteen

Hello and welcome back to another chapter of the Austin Family Legacy!!

We start this update with Brandon trying to get people to dislike him. This guy is a vampire and Brandon picked a fight with him…

Crazy enough, Brandon won and got his first enemy!

Looks like Generation 4 is on its way!!

Brandon reacted like every sim dad, so you only get this picture 🙂

Maggie has her teen birthday and rolled Good to go with Dog Lover and wants to have a Nerd Brain… Silly me, forgot to take an after picture, but she grew up pretty.

Jeremy also had his elder birthday and looks thrilled to death. (It’s always hard to see your first sim kids become elders, but it makes me a little more sad to see Jeremy and Bobby old because they are based off my real life kiddos. At least in the sims they can come back as ghosts after they die!)

And we also have to say goodbye to Mrytle, Tiana’s beloved dog 🙁

And here we have a kinda picture of Maggie as a teen. I can’t believe she chose to use the bathroom at this time.

And in this picture it kind of looks like Maggie is morified that she made the toilet that gross and not sad to see Mrytle pass.

Goodbye sweet Myrtle, you will be missed! Please haunt soon!

Zoey looks sad as she eats some leftovers.

These guys could care less. Look, the back of Maggie in her pretty dress.

Brandon still needs a sim to dislike him, so he stalks people who walk by.

Jeremy gets to spend his twilight years upgrading everything.

A very pregnant Zoey gets a promotion and that oufit looks ridiculous on her lol.

Tiana really loves to knit. If I can’t find her, she’s usually knitting.

Mother, daughter bonding time. And look, a face shot of Maggie!

Tiana has her elder birthday, and still looks fabulous!

Jeremy thinks so too 😉

See… knitting 🙂

Jeremy and Bobby hang out.

Brandon and Zoey are adorable!!

Seriously Tiana! haha. Knitting on the toilet 😀

Zoey is having a rough pregnancy.

HAHA, OMG. These two 🙂 This is totally something my real life kids would do 😀

Zoey, heavily pregnant working on her gardening skills.

Brandon came home from work with a promotion!

Well hello my simself 🙂

Zoey was flirty and had the option to make a heart shape with the bonsai!

It’s time to welcome the new addition!!

It’s twins! Please welcome Leah and Byron!

I love having grandparents around, so the parents can work on getting promotions and completing their aspirations 🙂

Still upgrading things… we have a lot of things to upgrade.

Lacie trying to figure out if he’s her future hubby. The way she’s looking at him makes me think she likes him.

Oh the knitted baby onesies are adorable!

Working on her garden 🙂

I decided that all the generation three kids will have blonde spouses…don’t ask. This boy is potentially Maggie’s future hubby.

Another promotion! I really need to get some lights out here. Especially since Brandon works late hours.

Hi Mrytle! Jeremy looks annoyed that ghost dogs use the bathroom. She also leaves a poop behind.

Another baby??


It’s time for the twins to grow up!

And they are adorable!!

First things, first… potty training!

The next day we have some family bonding time 🙂

After school, Lacie invites this guy (I take horrible notes guys, sorry) over. She gets her first kiss and a boyfriend 🙂

Believe it or not, I’ve never used the voodoo doll. I kind of enjoyed it, muahaha

I saw this and was like, typical teenager. Cellphone out while doing homework!

And we’ll end this update with Brandon receiving another promotion and looking thrilled about it. Until next time!

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