Chapter Sixteen

Hello and welcome back to another update of the Austin Family Legacy!

We start this update with adorable toddler baths!

Leah and Byron are adorable!!

Brandon and Leah are flying! LOL I love how I caught them like this.

Zoey goes into labor! Please welcome Kyle to the family!

After school, Maggie puts the move on her future hubby.

First kiss has been achieved 🙂

Zoey comes home with a promotion and looks like she is trying oh so hard to ignore what her sister is getting up to in the background.

Behold my perfect picture of Maggie getting a boyfriend lol

When Tiana isn’t knitting, she loves to spend time with her grandchildren

Byron has maxed his potty skill!

The next day, Lacie has her young adult birthday. She is adorable!

Kyle shares a birthday with his aunt and boy is he super cute!

During the birthdays we get the news that Bobby has passed away 🙁 Jeremy decides it is time to visit his other brother Rowan and meet the late in life baby he had.

Since Jeremy had maxed handiness, I also sent him to open this cave up for any future generations.

The main focus of Jeremy’s outing was to go to Bobby’s house and swipe his tombstone so that Bobby can forever haunt the family house. (I only did this since Bobby is based off of my son.)

Leah has now maxed her potty skill!

Tiana helps Kyle learn how to potty.

Lacie is still here because she is waiting for her boyfriend to age up. Also… seriously Lacie?? You’re hugging trash??

Just some family bonding time 🙂

I got the notifications about Tiana and Jeremy’s time being almost up, so they get thier youth potions. (Right after Jeremy drank his, I remembered that he has the long lived trait, so yeah… he’ll be around for a very long time now…)

Brandon received a promotion.

Toddlers are so darn cute!!

Lacie’s boyfriend finally aged up, so she invited him over.

We interrupt the happy couple to be spammed with cute toddler interactions! I’ve been working the babies so hard and their attention levels were low so I had to fix that 🙂

Lacie and her boyfriend get engaged and married and moved out! Make cute babies, ok?

Love is in the air. Jeremy and Tiana flirt.

The twins hug 🙂

Zoey and Brandon share a passionate kiss.

You guys!!! This is the first time I have ever done this!

Brandon has received another promotion!

My angry simself makes an appearance…not sure why she is angry though.

Marie spends some time with her great grandchildren.

And then Leah maxes all of her skills! I am on a roll!

Just in time too, because the next day is the twins birthday!

Leah is cute, rolls the dog lover trait and wants to be an artistic prodigy!

And Byron is cute too, but doesn’t seem very happy lol He rolled bookworm and wants to be a rambunctious scamp.

It was at this time that I decided to use a random generator to choose the next torch holder and Kyle won! Gah, he’s so cute!

Zoey tries her hand at fishing so she can have something to fertilize her garden.

Since Maggie is a spare, she just roams around on freewill. She really loves to play video games.

The twins bedrooms get made over. Leah’s is the blue one and Byron’s is the one with trees.

Tiana gets promoted to the top of the culinary field and promptly retires!

Maggie has her young adult birthday and I remember to take an after picture 🙂

Lacie comes over to visit and it looks like she is expecting. Tiana of course is knitting and Lean joined in on the conversation. Three generations are featured in this picture 🙂

Alway have to include a bath time picture!

We’ll end this update with a shot of Bobby’s first haunting! Thanks for taking out the trash!

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