Chapter Twenty One

Hello and welcome back to another update of the Austin Family Legacy. It has been almost a year since I posted. I have enough photos from last year for four updates lol My hubby makes the headers for me, and I sent him the image of Kyle to add to the header, and yeah… it took him a while 😀 It didn’t help that I started school in the fall, and on top of that, we sold our condo and moved into a single-family home. Then I could not find my notebook of notes after the move, which made me sad. I thought I was going to have to start over. I just got a new computer, moved over everything, opened my game, and wrote down everything I could. I will never remember some stuff, but this legacy needs to continue; I’m just about halfway!!

Thanks for listening to me ramble. Now on with the show…

We start this update with Kyle making his birthday cake 🙂

He rolled neat to go with the many other traits he earned as a child.

Once he could, Kyle called Kristie over, asked her to marry him, and promptly married her.

And here are her traits and that lovely aspiration… well, I’ve never done it before, so it should be fun.

And generation five is on the way!

With generation four taking over, I make over the downstairs master for them. Zoey and Brandon get the upstairs in-law suite, and Jeremy gets one of the bedrooms meant for kids… you know, since he’s still alive and all, lol.

Pregnancy is not fun for Kristie.

Kyle and Kristie go on a date.

Kristie gets to know her mother-in-law.

Marie comes for a visit and enjoys some time with her son.

Just a shot to show that Kristie became hysterical…

Snicker… love that uniform 😀

I let Jeremy do whatever he pleases. He spends most days like this.

The start of Kristie’s aspiration.

She runs into Kyle’s sister and brother.

While she is getting to know this guy, Kyle receives a promotion.

And the first kiss has been had.

For some reason, they have a party 🙂

To celebrate Jeremy’s death? Haha, no, but seriously, also sad since Jeremy was based on my real-life son.

He joins his mother, father, brother, and wife.

Why Kyle, why?

Baby! Please welcome to the family, Hillary 😀

Zoey and Brandon celebrate their elder birthdays.

Try for baby??

I believe this is a completed bug collection. I remember doing this with Zoey and know it was a pain in the butt.

Another first kiss.

Guess that was a try for a baby.

Zoey and Brandon are cute.

Hillary, as a toddler…no idea what her trait is since I cannot find my notebook, and it didn’t look like I could see it in her panel.

Yup…moving on 🙂

Third first kiss.

Kyle is happily oblivious.

Hey Jeremy 🙂

We’ll end this update with Hillary waking up sad because she needed to pee… at least that’s what I’m assuming.

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