Chapter Twenty Three

On to the third update!

We start this update with Elaine being potty trained.

Adorable puppy picture of Sophie 🙂

Another first kiss.

I think this is a completed microscope picture collection…

After seeing all of the pictures, I think this is Kristie completing her Serial Romantic aspiration.

Hillary is using the kids-only club.

Yes, it was a completed collection!

Kristie is a great mother.

Kristie is working on her new aspiration of soulmate.

Sophie grew up!

And so did Nash. He rolled the glutton train and wants to be a whiz kid.

I think Kristie needed to give a speech for her career…nobody showed up.

So cute.

These guys are still in love.


Bobby and Chaz (Father and Son)

Kyle takes Kristie on his hikes because she’s adventurous, and they can spend time together.

Then they spend some family time on the slopes.

So cute.

Working on that whiz kid aspiration.

Here is where I think that Elaine received the Wild trait…lol

I believe this is Kristie completing the soulmate aspiration.

Since this is a picture of the house with columns, when I looked at Kristie’s panel to see what she’s done, she had completed the serial romance, soulmate, and mansion baron aspirations. I believe this is her working on the mansion baron aspiration.

Just Zoey and Brandon being adorable in the hall of spares.

I decided that Kristie would work on the experimental food pictures, so I sent her out with Kyle’s sister Leah so the two could be friends.

It’s meant to be as the two are coordinated, lol

They have a lovely time.

Hillary and Sophie.

Another night out, and I believe I took this picture because of the random ladies outfit 😀

Another speech, but this time someone showed up.


Elaine grew up, gained the cat lover trait, and wants to be a social butterfly.

Just Kyle working on his aspiration, and with that, we’ll end this update! One more to go, and I’ll be caught up 🙂

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