Chapter Twenty Six

Hello and welcome to another update of the Austin Family Legacy. This is the last update for Generation Four!!

We’ll start this update with a picture of a magical room I built for Hillary.

I took this photo for the laughs. I’m still working on the extreme sports aspiration. Trying to do the last task that requires inclement weather, but the weather never cooperates.

We completed the food photo collection! Side note… I think Sophie is running away in this picture.

Teenagers are hanging out.

Elaine woke up late and had no time to fill her needs before school, so she used one of the potions her sister made.

Anytime I leave these two on free will, they spend time together.

It’s remembrance day!

Hillary grew up and gained the animal enthusiast trait.

Hillary invited Cali over, and I love these two!

Hillary proposed, and Cali said yes! I usually have them elope, but I wanted to try the wedding pack.

I also ordered groceries, and he delivered them to the living room?

Sophie came home and aged into an elder 🙁

Cooking together is cute!

I had the family throw an engagement party.

Poor Sophie came down with something.

Leah is always at the house.

Sweet puppy, I’ll be sad when she goes.

It’s the end of summer, and I made a holiday, where you play in the water, barbeque, and drink. Here everyone is swimming!

I told Elaine to jump into the pool, and she landed on her mother, but it did nothing, lol.

They hired a bartender.

The next day is Hillary’s wedding. Kristie starts on the cake, but Kyle interrupts her to flirt.

I laughed when the cake became so much bigger.

I downloaded this lot. It’s pretty, but I had to keep deleting things because they were in the way.

I picked the wrong direction, snicker snort.

Cali decided to go swimming before the ceremony, so she changed out of the dress I chose for her…

They finished the last task, and I received no notification on how they did at the wedding, and nothing popped up to move Cali in… weird. Oh well, it was fun, and next update, we can start on the next generation!

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