Chapter Twenty-Nine

Hello, and welcome back to another update on the Austin family legacy.

The day started with Kristie feeling upset that she hadn’t had romantic interactions with Kyle in a while, so I indulged her.

Aubrey and Pearl are playing with dolls.

Kyle ends up sick and decides to take care of one of the babies… not sure that’s a good idea.

Hillary and Cali come home from work with promotions, and Hillary looks sick.

The next day and it’s the kind of twins’ birthday.

They are adorable!

Hillary is still working on her second aspiration.

Elaine came for a visit and made her dad happy.

The two redheads spend time together.

Not sure which child this is. Lol, there are so many!

There are always ghosts out, and they like to work out.

I’m not sure how I feel about the new wants and fears. I don’t like that you can’t clear them unless they do them. So here they are, uncomfortably completing some wants.

The next day Aubrey grows up. She adds glutton to her traits and wants to be a rambunctious scamp.

If only real toddlers were this easy to teach potty training to 😀

And the last baby in this generation is born! Please welcome Mitchell to the family. That makes three girls and three boys!

And with his birth and rolled to see who would be heir/heiress and Chase won! He seems thrilled, lol.

I know this happens in other people’s games, but it drives me nuts that they wear their outerwear inside, even if the heat is on.


The family is working on those skills and clearing some wants.

Tiffani is dedicated to doing chores!

I struggled to complete the polar bear plunge task for the winter love holiday I made because the blizzard was causing everyone to freeze quickly or run back inside. Cali got the buff but did not clear the task. *shrugs*

The next day Mitchell grew up into an adorable toddler!

His mother, Cali, also had a birthday into adulthood.

And then, she received a promotion from working from home the day before.

I love the toddlers in the game and can’t wait for the next expansion!

With so many toddlers in the house, I am thankful to have grandparents!

Pearl aged up and gained the perfectionist trait and wants to be a rambunctious scamp.

Not sure what’s going on here… was it the fight holiday, or did Hillary want to fight this guy? Who knows

She didn’t let it faze her birthday, though!

And then she completed the Spellcraft and Sorcery aspiration!

We’ll end this update with Kristie being excited to see her son 🙂 Until next time!

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