Chapter Thirty-One

Hello, and welcome back to another Austin family update, where the pictures are from a month ago, and I struggle to remember what happened, lol.

We follow Tiffani to school, where she meets new friends and works on her aspiration; I think… it does not go well!

I’m assuming someone got a promotion because that’s the only reason I take this kind of photo 🙂

It must have been Hillary because I bought her a rocket to work on her rocket science skill.

Aubrey has a birthday!

And she’s beautiful! On top of being a glutton, she gained Vegetarian as her trait, which should be interesting.

She gets started on her Goal Oriented aspiration.

Kyle is still kicking it.

Back at school because of her aspiration…no movement

Someone was promoted…lol, I should take a picture of the notification.

She was putting on her skincare.

The next day and the girls are just hanging in the downstairs bathroom, which is disgusting, thanks to the ghosts.

Pearl’s Birthday!

And another beautiful sim 🙂 She gained clumsy to go with her being a perfectionist.

One of the goals of drama llama is to mess around on a ride, so she needs to find someone to do it with.


And there was no option, so maybe next time.

It was prom, so I sent the girls to check it out.

They had fun; they did not have dates, so I followed their wants, which turned out nicely!

Pictures from prom!

I do not remember why she fought this girl, she either needed it for her aspiration or she had a want. The one thing I like about the teen pack is that it forces me to play differently than usual. My teens have lives outside the house for one…lol Until next time!

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