Chapter Eighteen

Hello and welcome back to another update of the Austin Family Legacy! Sorry, it’s been so long. Life got in the way. I found out I needed to get my wisdom teeth out and then spent a month agonizing over the procedure. Got them out this past Tuesday and it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be…lol 🙂 Glad to be back! And on with the update!

We start this update with the news that Jeremy’s little brother has passed. 🙁

We invite over Jeremy’s youngest children because I realized I forgot to take pictures of them. We discover that Maggie is expecting!

Jeremy enjoys spending time with his children.

Jeremy enjoys a hug from his son in law, while Lacie is irritated about it.

Zoey and Brandon have their adult birthdays and celebrate with some woohoo!

Leah completes her social butterfly aspiration!

And Zoey completes her freelance botanist aspiration!

We’ve hit the custom holiday, Remembrance Day. I gave the mausoleum an upgrade. The first room has room for all generations and the second room will be for any family pets.

The children mourn.

While Jeremy enjoys the company of Tiana! 😉

The next day, Zoey spends time with her cowplant, Benny. 😀

Then the twins have their birthday!

They both completed two child aspirations!

I gave Zoey the Outdoor Enthusiast aspiration, so the family took a vacation!

The family was left to fend for themselves, while I headed out with Zoey.

Would you believe I’ve never actually caught bugs with a sim…lol

Later that night Zoey roasts beetles.

Kyle joins her, but with a marshmallow.

And started a fire…

Leah sure seems mad at her mom about it 😀

Zoey de-stresses with some knitting… She’s had the knitting box in her inventory forever and this is the first time she chose to knit.

Brandon goes for a jog in the rain…

After Zoey collected as many plants and bugs as she could, the family was sent home. We’ll end this update with a picture of Zoey doing yoga.. she has gotten so skinny!

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